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Saturday, 27 December 2014

VisionBombing Season 2 Episode 7

Seasons Greetings.
We at VisionBombing wish you all a Happy Hoilday and hope you enjoy this episode as its our gift to you. In this episode, MadFlow, DJ Psykhomantus and Mr. Dex 6 features music videos from Apollo Brown & Ras Kass, Big Rec, Chris Rivers, Confucius MC, Dillon Cooper, EdO.G, FRESHerz, Havoc, Le$, PRhyme, Skyzoo & Torae, Swiss, and not forgetting the ladies G.L.A.M, MC Melodee, Rapsody and Rocky Rivera. Special appearance by OneNess Sankara and Torae.

See you in 2015

VisionBombing Season 2 Episode 7
1. Theme
2. Intro: MadFlow*
3. The Dumb Out feat R.A. The Rugged Man
4. N***er?- Swiss
5. Lenton (PMix)- FRESHerz
6. Pay Per View- EdO G
7. Skit: OneNess Sankara*
8. Courtesy - PRhyme
9. How To Kill God - Apollo Brown & Ras Kass
10. Uncut Raw feat Prodigy- Havoc
11. Original - Confucius MC
12. Skit: MadFlow*
13. Disco Dip- MC Melodee
14. Roll Up- G.L.A.M.
15. Drama- Rapsody
16. Pussy Kills- Rocky Rivera
17. Skit: Torae*
18. Memorabilia - Skyzoo & Torae
19. Knuckle Up - Dillon Cooper
20. Ain't Hard To Tell - Chris Rivers
21. Come Up - Le$ ft. Curren$y
22. Outro: MadFlow*
23. Fin: DJ IFTW at The Ave
Mixed by DJ Psykhomantus & Mr. Dex
*Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed
Edited, graded and mastered by Shepard Manyika
Image Graphics by Glen Stone
VisionBombing 2014

VisionBombing Exclusive Interview Junia T

VisionBombing Exclusive Interview Junia T 
Interviewed by Mr. Dex Camera, 
Edited and Mastered by Shepherd Manyika 
Special thanks to Rough Trade East 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Interview: On The Q&A Tip with... Dr3Matic

Psykhomantus: Welcome to On The Q&A Tip. Can you tells us who you are and what it is you do?
Dr3matic: Well from the intergalactic planet of funky manoeuvres I go by the name of Dr3matic pronounced Draymatic.. I dig for ill crates, being on the turntables since 87, studied sound engineering in 95, being on the beats since 94...and I aim to destroy the beast that goes by the title of WACK...

Psykhomantus: How did you get to be introduced to this art called Hip Hop?

Dr3matic: Nobody had the courtesy to tell my black ass... A nigga had to just absorb that shit like secondary blunt smoke..Music was always around the crib man. My roots on my father side is carribbean, on my mother side African and American roots. So I absorbed everything from the Everly Brothers to Burning Spear, and back to Bootsy Collins... I always loved music and was a heavy radio head so whatever was on in the late 70s and early 80s was latched onto. Hip hop came via the early memories of Sugar Hill. I was aware of all of that when it dropped, the movies and then instructional vids from cats like Turbo and Ozone, bet cats aint even seen shit like that... But for me it was all about the music as long as it was dope. A lot of heads always have this idyllic moment when they fell in love with hip hop... Bull shit.. its so fuckin corny... If that was your intro to music, i pity the limited fool. If anything the love and gravitation to hip hop is more of a process rather than a moment. And that kinda happens the more I started djing, the love for music was always there, I was always writing songs, raps before but when I got a chance to start scratching or to more define it, destroy my brothers records, there was more of a need for those types of records..So mid 80s to 90s my taste for that east coast boom bap went into overdrive. My wider love for music in general can clearly be reflected in the sets I now play, spanning many genres, but most of the time I pretend I'm not into hip hop lol... Its that special to me, fuck the fake fuckers who infiltrate, death to y'all..

Psykhomantus: You had a Record Store called The BeatHut in London in the mid 2000, tell us a little history about setting that up?

Dr3matic: Word opening a store was key to getting out that dope(not crack)...cuz most stores were fucking up for real... Mostly I just wanted a spot where I could cut records up any time I felt like it, and tell my wife I was really at work.. tee he he

Psykhomantus: You now have a record label Called 7 Series Music, How did that come about?

Dr3matic: Once again, it seems that the music industry in the UK got nigga-itis, so they don't wanna give a nigga a job, so I'm like suck my balls suckaz, heres my own label, while shouting out a hip hop slogan of 'how u like me now'... lol real talk, its about creating my own lane to showcase how dope I am, its the same hip hop battle concept of I'm better than that next sucker at this...So I'm doing all the beats and cuts and recording and negotiating, artwork, and making the cups of coffee laced with Jack Daniels... Gotta stay cosy in this cold world yo.

Psykhomantus: Vinyl and Tapes are making a little come back as some artists are going out their way in making them part of their product like Souls Of Mischief and Cormega did with their new album, as most Artists today are just happy to have their product on MP3 and CD. Do you think that all Rap artist should re think about how they put their product out as vinyl is still an important part of this culture?

Dr3matic: Yo, heads, INCLUDING the younger generation are looking for value and something they can cherish again.. We had such a long period of this tech that allowed people to make music really easily and as a consequence we got all this disposable music that over time people felt like, well I don't need to buy this....We had so long with that, that people are now just by nature ready for something more meaningful. Which is great and we can see that creeping in now with the increase in vinyl sales.. Ok some people think its chic or whatever, but people want that product thats special to them again. It is important to invest in yourself.. These cats putting out mp3 mix tapes for free??? wheres the value in that, where is your risk, oh theres no risk so I don't have to put any effort into the creative aspect of the music.. If you had put your money up like you had to in the 90s for your crate digging, travel, your studio time etc, and you were pressing on vinyl, you made damn sure that your shit was as dope as you could get it. So now as a consequence, we're gonna start to get more dope music coming in slow but sure...

Psykhomantus: How long have you been living in the UK for?

Dr3matic: Fam I travel the cosmos in n out, where I come from we don't have a concept of time... I think these niggas work for immigration yo lol.. Being here 20 of your earth yrs....

Psykhomantus: Can you name 5 producers you rate and why?

Dr3matic: Premier-Master of the chop. To truly appreciate, you have to listen to some of the originals of some of his beats, then you realise that he has a different way of listening, almost dismissive of linear timing. when you dismiss the timing of the original crate you can create in a really ill manner

Diamond D-This guy along with Showbiz is the teacher when it comes to digging for drums, and drum textures

Pete Rock- This guy is the master of layering, and using different loops together and making them sound seamless.

Large Professor-A fonky nigga, who always has all the right complimentary elements in the track.. nothing is ever out of place, and he always has the bounce to his shit... a drum master as well

QTip-Another dude that if you listen to some of his originals, you can only wonder how they got the beats to sound like that, the layering the boosting the eq, is just superior, might have to add props note.. Skeff Anslem, he gets props too(With my engineering hat on) Of course the engineers can be the difference between a track being dope or not.

Psykhomantus: Can you name one song you wish you produced by another artist?

Dr3matic: Gangstarr-Next time, wish I did the cuts too at the end of the song....

Psykhomantus: My favourite question. Is there a Producer or DJ you feel that should just give it up?

Dr3matic: Oh you just being an antagonist. No one in particular springs to mind on the beat side, but this Dilla impression beat shit has to stop.. niggas just looping some shit and dropping that snare at random like Stevie Wonder , tho Stevie is dope on drums as well so thats unfair. On the dj tip, theres a whole bunch of cats, ..Im doing a Skills track where the names are redacted, then Ima release it in a few yrs...

Psykhomantus: Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you?

Dr3matic: I am now assembling a crew of magnetic warriors who sabotage the hard drives of haters and wack beat niggas

This is the video for Pay Per View by legendary hip hop artist Edo G and produced by Dr3matic. This song is a 7 inch vinyl

Monday, 1 December 2014

Video: Psykhomantus "60 Minutes Of Def Jam Classics" Trailer

"60 Minutes Of Def Jam Classics" is a audio visual music video showcase set tribute to the record label Def Jam Recording. A Hip Hop journey of groundbreaking hits from the likes of LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy to EPMD, Nice & Smooth, Onyx, Method Mad & Redman, to Jay-Z, The Roots and more.

Available for a limited time

Twitter: @Psykhomantus

Interview: On The Q&A Tip with The Remarkable 1

Psykhomantus: Before we start. Can you tell us who you are, what you do and tell us what you do?

The Remarkable 1: I call myself The Remarkable 1. I’ve been rockin’ the mic since the late 80’s with a Brighton crew called Deliverance… onto Hundredth Monkey & the Monkey Sons in the 2000’s…

I now MC alongside producer Crespo, the Fireball Flingaz & Sublime Wizardry.

Psykhomantus: When and how did you fall in love with Hip Hop?

The Remarkable 1: I fell in love with Hip Hop when I first heard Planet Rock blasting from a boombox in the school yard back in 1984, that spurred me on to be a B.Boy.

Psykhomantus: What inspires you to write your rhymes?

The Remarkable 1: I write when I feel I’ve got something to say… the breaks / music dictates the feel / pace of the content. Hip Hop has always been about self-expression for me, life changes & an artist changes with it!

Psykhomantus: Can you break it down for us, with who & what projects you’ve got going on at the moment?

The Remarkable 1: I’ve just released a limited edition 5 Track EP CD with Crespo :

A new video / single with the Fireball Flingaz called Survival is Key :


& a new 7” Vinyl single / video with Sublime Wizardry called Keep Livin’ featuring Exile @

Psykhomantus: What top 5 all time MC’s do you rate, US & UK?

The Remarkable 1: My top 5 US MC’s have got to be The Architects :

Grandmaster Caz

Melle Mel



Chuck D

My top 5 UK MC’s from the underground have got to be :


MC Mello’

Rage (Deliverance)

Bohze (II Tone Committee)

Gemini (Hardnoise) R.I.P

Psykhomantus: How has the rap game in the UK changed since you first started?

The Remarkable 1: Back in the day a crew would just have a white label 12” vinyl to promote to DJ’s to get heard.. then you’d put your own money into funding the release & perform all over Europe to fans of the UK sound.

It’s a different world nowadays, it’s all about MP3’s, social media, video’s, hits / likes & websites, networking to people on a global scale at the bush of a button.

I kinda prefer the old school in a way!

Psykhomantus: What’s been your most memorable performances & why?

The Remarkable 1: Supporting KRS1 with my crew Sublime Wizardry last year in Brighton & Public Enemy the year before were the biggest nights of my career. I’ve been a mad fan most of my life, so to get to open for them & hang out after with my heroes was a surreal & humble experience. I was blessed to get those gigs.

Psykhomantus: Can you name one song you wish you’d of written?

The Remarkable 1: Roots manuva’s Witness

Psykhomantus: Is there a rapper you feel should put the mic down?

The Remarkable 1: There are many MC’s I feel should put the mic down… but it’s live & let live in this world.. & the wackness just makes for better, stronger Hip Hop music!

Psykhomantus: Last question, what will we expect from you in the future?

The Remarkable 1: Fireball Flingaz are working on a new video / single & are gonna be dropping an independent 12” Vinyl / CD EP on Raging Beast Records in Jan 2015 :

Sublime Wizardry are working on a new video / single available Jan 2015 @

The Remarkable 1


Monday, 24 November 2014

On The Q&A Tip with Vaitea

On The Q&A Tip with Vaitea

Psykhomantus: Welcome to the On The Q&A Tip. First things first, Can you tells us who you are and what you do?

Vaitea​: Hi, thank you for having me here. My name is Vaitea. I've been actively involved into the italian and french Hip Hop scene at many levels: mostly as an mc, but also as a dj, vinyl collector, radio host, journalist, events creator, promoter, translator, graffiti writing fan, b-boying admiror, hip hop aficionada, analog philosopher, sneaker addict, and probably more...

Psykhomantus: How did you get to be introduced to this art called Hip Hop?

Vaitea​: In Milan, where I grew up, it was all very underground. A schoolfriend of mine was hanging out with the Muretto breakers, a historical italian Hip Hop spot. I was already writing poems and songs at that time, always loved rhymes. One day she told me there was a song I needed to hear. It was I Need Love by LL Cool J. A total revelation! I knew right away that was gonna be my thing for life. So I started freestyling and writing my raps. Later, through some writers at school, I got to meet the main actors of the Italian Hip Hop scene and, through the years, to collaborate with many of them.
I was also very attracted by the fact Hip Hop music was played ( and scratched ) on vinyl. I've been a record junkie since my early youth. But, most of all, I fell in love with the spirit of unity and happiness, but also the challenge and healthy confrontation you could find at jams.

Psykhomantus: You known as a rapper but you also DJ, which out of the two do you think is your strongest force and why?

Vaitea​: I feel like I am an entertainer, and both mcing and djing complete me as an artist. As I was saying, I started buying records before becoming an MC, but I started freestylin' way before rocking decks. I also approached scratch in 2007, me n my friend had a crew called the Chirpleaders! lol
Probably my main dimension is on stage with a mic in my hand, I guess it's easier to communicate and express who I am through my own rhymes and songs. You know, mcs and their egoes... ;) On the other hand, through djing, I have discovered a much more generous way to entertain people, which has taught me a lot, I perceive it as a different way of storytelling, of taking people into your trip, your own interpretation of the culture, like every other discipline of Hip Hop.

Psykhomantus: You are now signed to the record label BBE. How did you hooked up with them?

Vaitea​: I randomly met Lee Bright from BBE, at dj Vadim and Greg Blackman's "Hartley and Wolfe" album presentation ( wicked album, by the way! ). I was spinning at a place nearby and had my record bag with me. We talked for a bit and he gave me some promo cds. Months later, when my album was finished, I wrote him to have a honest feedback on my work... n the rest is Herstory ,)

Psykhomantus: Can you tell us How long did it take to make the album "Word Citizen"?

Vaitea​: It took me quite a while to find the right producer for my project. Once I connected with parisian producer Gyver Hypman ( who had formerly worked with Saian Supa Crew ) we started working on it right away. I was living in Milan and he was in Paris, so this obviously required some patience. Same thing for the mixing with Eddie Sancho, the historical NYC engineer who has worked on many of my favorite artists' albums ( Gangstarr, Jay-z, Nas, Krs One, MOP... just to name a few ). In total, I'd say a couple of years, then there were release times.

Psykhomantus: How long have you been living in the UK for?

Vaitea​: About two years now. London is a very cosmopolitan city, which makes me feel at home.

Psykhomantus: Can you name 5 rappers you rate and why?

Vaitea​: AG such a perfect flow, the real meaning of "less is more" to me.

KRS One because he's Krs. Ah, 'n

Busta Rhymes too, because he's Busta.

DJ Lugi my favorite italian mc, dj and producer. His beats are funky, rhymes are dope, flow is fresh and he's always smiling.

BLACKBOUL' aka Greg Frite from Triptik, my favorite french group. Amazing lyrics and style.
I also wanna mention Essa and Funky DL in the Uk, really appreciate both of them.
Mhhh but I should also quote Lady of Rage, one of the most underrated mcs ever...and Tracey Lee and his many faces...and Pharcyde, all of them.... and, what, you thought I wasn't gonna say Missy or Lauryn Hill? ......ahahaha ok, there's many more than 5.

Psykhomantus: Can you name one song you wish you written by another artist?

Vaitea​: Besides any Bob Marley song and many jazz standards,

"Respiration" by Blackstar

pure poetry.

Psykhomantus: My favourite question. Is there a Rapper or DJ you feel that should just give it up (Don't be shy now. Lol!)?

Vaitea​: I think that any artist who is not feeling true to his/her art anymore should consider giving up. And then get rid of that idea, get back on his/her feet and go back to work, with a honest soul and a strong spirit. We never stop learning. Staying humble is the key.
( That said, a lot of the current mainstream hip hop leaves me perplexed. Lol! )

Psykhomantus: Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you?

Vaitea​: More music! I think I will integrate more italian and french in my next release, as I already do in my live shows. Of course, there will be international collaborations, too ...stay tuned! Oneluv Visionbombing crew! Peace out !

The single Chanthem is from her album "Word Citizen" released on BBE earlier in 2014 and is featured on VisionBombing Season 2 Episode 6. ( under construction )

Saturday, 22 November 2014

VisionBombing Season 2 | Episode 6

Word Up peeps.
We hope you felt the Dead Prez intervew we posted up a few weeks back, and if you did we hope you like the next few exclusive interviews we got coming up in the near future. No time to rest, we're back with episode 6 for more 60 minutes of the finest independent Hip-Hop videos around, chopped up and mixed by DJ Psykhomantus and Mr. Dex, hosted by MadFlow. Expect to see and hear new music from Camp Lo, Diamond District, Jesht X Strange U, Prince Po & Oh No, Slaughterhouse, The Mouse Outfit, Vaitea, Verbal Kent and much more!

VB SEASON 2: EPISODE 6 from VisionBombing on Vimeo.

1. Theme
2. Intro: MadFlow
3. X Seminar - Camp Lo
4. Thunder Bells feat Royal Flush, Tragedy Khadafi & illa Ghee- Psycho Les
5. Left Field - Choosey
6. First Step - Diamond District
7. Skit: Jehst
8. Power feat Sparkz & Truthos Mufasa- The Mouse Outfit
9. Chanthem feat Gyver HYPMAN-Vaitea
10. S.K.A.L.I.B.R.E- S.Kalibre
11. Days zZz's- CJ Fly
12. Skit: MadFlow
13. Sniper Scope feat Rustee Juxx - Jason Dean
14. Nothin' Alike- Ea$y Money
15. 1st Word To What Was Last Said - Prince Po & Oh No
16. Raponomics - Verbal Kent
17. Skit: King Kashmere IV from Strange U
18. Three's Company feat Tese Fever & Maria J- Erik Jerrod
19. Y'All Ready Know feat DJ Premier- Slaughterhouse
20. Dolph Lungren- Jesht X Strange U
21. The Set- Axel F (J.Rocc & M.E.D.)
22. Outro: MadFlow
23. Fin: Watch The Sound- DStyles
Hosted by MadFlow
Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex
*Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed
Edited, graded and mastered by Shepherd Manyika
Graphics by Glen Stone
VisionBombing 2014